Nix-installers for legacy (imperative) distributions

Getting Nix onto legacy distributions can be difficult and the official installer is not always a viable option, especially when considering reproducibility and automation.

This approach is different from others in that we:

To achieve a reproducible setup for these distributions that doesn’t rely on pulling files from the internet at install-time.

These installer packages are intended to be used in a one-shot fashion to bootstrap the Nix installation, and then let Nix deal with managing itself from that point on.


Prebuilt installers


# Remote flake
$ nix build github:nix-community/nix-installers#deb
$ nix build github:nix-community/nix-installers#pacman
$ nix build github:nix-community/nix-installers#rpm

# In a cloned repository
$ nix build .#deb
$ nix build .#pacman
$ nix build .#rpm

Classic Nix

# In a cloned repository
$ nix-build ./. -A deb
$ nix-build ./. -A pacman
$ nix-build ./. -A rpm