Name Attribute Description
20kly-1.4 nur.repos.fgaz._20kly A steampunk-themed strategy game where you have to manage a steam supply network
endgame-singularity-0.30c nur.repos.fgaz.endgame-singularity A simulation of a true AI. Go from computer to computer, pursued by the entire world. Keep hidden, and you might have a chance
gnubiff-2.2.17 nur.repos.fgaz.gnubiff
lmdbxx- nur.repos.fgaz.lmdbxx
ly nur.repos.fgaz.ly
maya-calendar-unstable nur.repos.fgaz.maya-calendar
powerline-go-1.11.0 nur.repos.fgaz.powerline-go A Powerline like prompt for Bash, ZSH and Fish
powermanga-0.93.1 nur.repos.fgaz.powermanga
sfxr-1.2.1 nur.repos.fgaz.sfxr
termbox nur.repos.fgaz.termbox